Invoice, Inventory & Accounts for small businesses.

Cloud based tailor-made app specially designed for Small / Medium Shops & Businesses in India.


Cloud Storage

All your data with Attlas is stored in an highly secure cloud service and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Paperless Invoice

No more misplaced receipts and forgotten invoices, adapt to our digital invoicing for smooth functioning of your business.


Payment Reminders

Manage and track all your credit amount and dues instantly from your phone.


How It Works

1) Enter Customer Information

To create a new invoice, enter customer information like Name, phone number, address and save them to your database.

2) Choose Products / Services

Enter product/service details, due dates, payment terms and generate a bill with GST or without GST.

3) Sale created & Invoice shared

Checkout, Raise invoice and share the generated digital invoice & e bills to customers Instantly.

Manage your sales and customers

1) Maintain customer details

Know your customer more by managing their purchase and sales details. Select customers and open a particular customer name from the list of customers to know their purchase and sales habits.

2) Track customer payments

To track customer payments, select sales list and track/filter customers by their status(Paid, partial, & pending) and date of sales.

3) Minimum stock notification

Identify a minimum stock level, and re-order when product list shows low stock notification. Select products and track/filter products by low stock and product added date to spot minimum product level.


Apps Features

Let's explore few features of the Application


Customer Database

Know your customers better by their purchase history and find new opportunities to grow your business.


Products / Services

Add and manage your own services or product inventory with GST details, sales price, stock details, minimum stock alert and its receivables in a single click.


Payment Reminders

Be notified of all your credits or pending payments with due dates from your customers with respective bills & invoices and reduce the number of unpaid invoices by sending automated payment reminders.


Ledger Khata Book

Keep track of all the data, transactions and financial statement in a digitised way with simple-to-use app flow.


Owner / Salesman Access

Manage the access with user roles and be notified of all the sales and product/service updates from anywhere and anytime.


Automatic SMS Reminder

Save on the cost of manually chasing customers for payments. Use SMS invoice reminders to gentle nudge your customers to payment.

Apps Screenshot

Take a look below of the active User Interface and features for a better User Experience.


Meet the Team

Building lean, beautiful and exceptional product with clean and contemporary experience.


Made with love from India.

Now you can try Attlas beta for free by downloading it from Google Play Store. Click on the button below to download.